186. justice-full

(“blooming in cracked earth” by me)

This weekend, I sprawled next to a pond and watched the sun set, while kids and puppies bounced around to the band playing nearby. I felt that I could really savor the sweet end of summer transitioning into fall. I hope these days are bringing you some quietude, too. Onto some odds and ends:

  1. Sitting with lots of emotion right now: Meet Dr. Jasbir Ahluwalia, age 83, who performed 67 abortions the day before the Texas ban. (via pal Muna)
  2. “If your presence is not necessary to do your job, daily commutes are a waste. Full stop.” The myth of the productive commute.
  3. “We can ‘circle back’ once all our people are safe.” What would it mean if we each were accountable to the textiles we donate? This particular piece, which focuses on the damning life-cycle of items we donate in a  global system, is worth sitting with.
  4. If I asked you to describe what “justice-full” education looks like and feels like to you, what might you say? It’s a question I’m continuing to wrestle with myself, but one I’m thrilled to continue exploring through the new Dancing on Desks podcast. Lovingly shepherded by teachers Erin Thesing and monét cooper, the podcast centers storytelling from all corners of the educational ecosystem to examine the question: What would happen if we were teaching, learning, and living in ways that engage justice-full, liberatory, and abolitionist teaching and learning practices? It has been rare that a new podcast has captured both my heart and attention.
  5. I guess cool nuns are on my radar lately? The honky-tonk nun of Ethiopia. Also: tandoori broccoli is decadent. This link only has the ingredients, but you basically smush everything together and press the cream cheese into lightly oiled broccoli florets before they go into the oven at 425.


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