187. really cheerful stuff, huh?

It was a special weekend: My best friend gathered all my people in a park for the most thoughtful surprise birthday picnic. I hadn’t expected it at all, so I’ve been savoring the sweetness of being held in such kindness by my community. Onto some odds and ends:

  1. India’s top science agency doctored findings to support Prime Minister’s optimistic narrative amidst COVID crisis. Oh, yes: How white scholars are colonizing research on health disparities.
  2. I’m sending out mini versions of my old Taxiwallah print to support the New York Taxi Worker Alliance’s 24/7 picket for meaningful debt relief. There’s dignity, wellbeing, and literal lives are at stake. All proceeds go to the NYTWA’s community kitchen + protest fund.
  3. This is a gentle reminder that under the Biden administration, prolonged detention has doubled since February. (Probably more, since ICE’s underreporting of data is well-established.) This feels especially bruising in light of the truly abhorrent images of Border Patrol agents whipping Haitian asylee seekers at the border. This article rounds some orgs that could use our support.
  4. Dunkin is a lifestyle. I’m embracing all the creepy-autumnal-New England vibes by reading Leigh Bardugo’s Ninth House, and regularly saying things are haunted. (But… like… they probably are.)
  5. A simple, nourishing recipe feeding me through a busy week: savory turmeric lentils and oats. I modified with a bunch of greens and healthy drizzle of zhong sauce.


ps – In my last note, there was a broken link! For those of you wanting to learn more about the damning life-cycle of items we donate, click here. (Thank you, Noelle, for catching!)

pps – As a little housekeeping, I’ve been refreshing a lot of my website, and will also be posting these notes there, too! 🙂

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