188. soft places

“internal combustion” by me

Who do you hold in gratitude for being a soft place for you? My dear friend Erin, co-host of Dancing on Desks and mighty organizer, shared these words. Now it is a question that’s filling me with immeasurable tenderness as I write this and ease into the weekend… Onto some odds and ends:

  1. “TikTok was a canteen; Instagram is a café. But the canteen has better food, and the café serves costly coffee that not everyone drinks.” Erasure of India’s working-class TikTok creators.
  2. “You can’t create under surveillance.” True for all, but especially thinking about the implications for Black and brown artists. A clinic in Western Massachusetts by and for trans folks, the first rural trans health clinic in the U.S.
  3. How educators enact racial trauma in their classrooms through carceral curriculum. The ideological battlefield of the mamasphere.
  4. Portraits of single moms by choice. The unregulated world of life coaches. The sweetest Diwali dog treats.
  5. I already know that I’ll have Honey on repeat this autumn. An intersectional, witchy read. (And bookmarking several on this list.) 


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