Deep Rest


we are naturally programmed to just Be. this requires us to embrace the exquisite release of not-doing. to disaggregate our worth from capitalist production. to extend Wholeness to our selves and others simply because it is all our right. as a friend shared on the phone today, “where are you going?”

slowly recovering from covid has been a master class in reminding myself of these principles. the fatigue is real, and truly, i was taken aback about its impact on how i move through the day. and my DMs were full of friends sharing how it took more than a month for many of them to heal, that i wasn’t alone. (i’m sharing this here, because maybe this is your story, too.)

🌸 what are the ways we still judge others on how they use their time?
🌸 how can we embrace deeper rest for ourselves?
🌸 where could we go if we stayed right here, right now?


  • 10″ x 10″ with 0.5″ border
  • Giclée-printed on archival paper that is acid-free, 100% cotton rag with a bright, matte finish