Metabolizing Grief


In the collection “Holding Change,” Malkia Devich Cyril writes that, “metabolized grief can power deep and lasting change infused with profound joy, while unmetabolized grief becomes an almost insurmountable barrier to it.” It made me think about photosynthesis, how leaves unfurl as they process light. What happens to me if I do the same? 🌱 It made me think of compost, about how the breaking down of unloved or already-used bits enrichs the soil in which plants bloom. What happens to me if I do the same? 🍄

Too sleepy to write more, but this was the excerpt rattling in my mind while making for the first time in many moons.


  • 8″ x 10″ with a 0.5″ border
  • Giclée-printed on archival paper that is acid-free, 100% cotton rag with a bright, matte finish