South Asian Sex Ed Salon (SASS)

Co-facilitator with Sukriti Dabral

A Boston-based workshop series and space for South Asian Americans to unpack sexuality, relationships, and everything in-between.

Imagination as a Research Tool

Co-facilitator with Payal Kumar at the 2018 Allied Media Conference

Imagination is a radical methodology that helps us interpret the data points of individual and collective experiences. This workshop explores the untapped potential of imagination as a research tool that surfaces unexpected insights. Through playful exploration, we will study “artifacts” from a liberated future to unearth truths about the present moment and visualize transformative possibilities for our movements. Participants will leave with a zine on using imagination in revolutionary inquiry.

Podcasts for Re-Centering Narratives

Panelist at the 2017 Allied Media Conference

How do you use digital tools to re-center narratives about your community towards resistance? Podcasts are the latest storytelling tool used to shift hearts and minds. It is imperative that communities of color use counter-narratives to not only build personal identity power, but also shift the narratives of mainstream media. This panel will walk through steps on how to create digital storytelling podcasts as an artistic tool of resistance.