The Marigold Mixtape (May 2021)

India’s COVID crisis in May 2021 sent painful shockwaves across the world, calling to attention the need for transnational community mobilization at an unprecedented scale. The pandemic has laid bare the abuse and neglect of the current fascist regime. Coupled with the unreliability of the state to fulfill even the most basic of needs, predatory systems of global capital have exacerbated the lack of treatment and prevention options for folks across the entire subcontinent.

In the current influx of resources to the region (many of which are channeled through NGOs tied to right-wing Hindutva organizations), the most marginalized folks are still being overlooked despite being disproportionately impacted by sudden lockdowns, medical inequity, and state violence.

As diasporic artists, we wanted to create an intervention to both harness our skills and contribute to direct financial aid on the subcontinent. This compilation amplifies the voices of South Asian musicians and poets with ties to so-called Boston (Wampanoag, Pawtucket, and Massachusett land), bringing together talents from across genres into one collaborative mutual aid mixtape and poetry zine. Like the sun-soaked petals of a marigold, we hope this project can be a beacon towards brighter days – ones we are actively pushing towards in solidarity and struggle. 

Thanks to more than 70+ small donors, we were able to donate $3500 to Hasiru Dala‘s critical and essential work supporting waste workers and their communities.

All proceeds were directed to Hasiru Dala, an incredible Bengaluru-based social impact organization working to support waste workers and their communities since 2011. We encourage you to check them out to learn more about their work through their website

released May 6, 2021

❤️ Our gratitude to all the artists who have donated their work: Agney, Anju & Uliya, Ava Sophia, Awaaz Do, Barefoot Chandy, Hafsa Arain, The Kominas, Neena Wahi, Neha Rayamajhi, Neiha Lasharie, Prema Bangera, Prateek, and Why Try?

Curated by Nina Bhattacharya and payal kumar
Artwork by Nina Bhattacharya and payal kumar
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