An occasional newsletter of carefully curated odds and ends.

A Note From Nina is a weekly short(ish) and sweet newsletter. I sent the first note in April 2017 to a total of eleven people, mostly family and a handful of friends, as a way to stay in touch and to commit myself to a weekly(ish) writing discipline. Now it remains the best part of my week–an opportunity to think through difficult topics at the intersection of social justice, education, South Asia, and public health… and share good art. (It’s even been featured by CreativeMornings!)

Latest Notes

188. soft places

Who do you hold in gratitude for being a soft place for you? My dear friend Erin, co-host of Dancing on Desks and mighty organizer, shared these words. Now it is a question that’s filling me with immeasurable tenderness as I write this and ease into the weekend… Onto some odds and ends: “TikTok was a canteen;…

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187. really cheerful stuff, huh?

It was a special weekend: My best friend gathered all my people in a park for the most thoughtful surprise birthday picnic. I hadn’t expected it at all, so I’ve been savoring the sweetness of being held in such kindness by my community. Onto some odds and ends: India’s top science agency doctored findings to…

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186. justice-full

This weekend, I sprawled next to a pond and watched the sun set, while kids and puppies bounced around to the band playing nearby. I felt that I could really savor the sweet end of summer transitioning into fall. I hope these days are bringing you some quietude, too. Onto some odds and ends: Sitting with…

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