Public Art

Art in Print, Vol. 4

Zone 3 Western Ave (2019)

Art in Print is a program of Zone 3, designed to make buying art more accessible to the public. Newspaper bins around Western Ave in Allston contain a limited release of posters available to purchase for 25¢.

“Incandescent Bloom” was originally created for Ashiyanaa (formerly ASHA for Women), to celebrate the organization’s 30+ years of work supporting South Asian survivors of domestic violence in the DMV. Taking notes from Audre Lorde’s vision of liberation and care, this piece weaves radical imagination with radical social change, dreaming up a lush, collective future that centers queer and femme voices.

ICA Culture Club 5

ICA/boston x SPACEUS (July 2019)

Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston‘s Culture Club series with SPACEUS paired DJ sets and live performances with otherworldly visual installations by Boston-area artists. ICA Culture Club 5 explored the multiplicity of experiences linked to the beach.

“Summer Sweetness” (pictured top-left) explored femme friendship and a lil desi beach nostalgia. Think: slices of guava and mango, kite-flying, wading in the water. The projection was featured as a part of Mooneaters, an art and media platform for APIA queer narratives,

© nina bhattacharya