I’m a self-taught producer and editor of a handful of podcasts exploring the South Asian experience. This has included wearing multiple hats, from interviewing guests and crafting copy to overseeing sound design and mixing.

Live Vedanta

Live Vedanta is a weekly podcast on high thinking and happy living with Vivek Gupta, with listeners in more than 30 countries. Kicked off in 2018, the podcast tackles topics from mindfulness and meditation to mental health and stress.

Almirah Radio Hour

Almirah Radio Hour, which I co-hosted with Sheela Lal, was a monthly(ish) podcast about politics and culture through the lens of two South Asian American Midwesterners. We first connected on Twitter when I lived in Indonesia, Sheela in Sri Lanka.

The podcast ran from 2016 – 2020. Start with my favorite episodes:

The podcast has been featured on The Aerogram, and I co-taught a podcasting workshop at the 2017 Allied Media Conference based on our work.

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